UltimateAddons 1 inch / 25mm Ball Action Camera Adapter


Ultimateaddons universal 1″ Ball attachment extension has been designed to join two 1 inch female adapters into place.

Join two 25mm female socket connections with this extender link piece. Compatible with many adapters like RAM etc

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Ultimateaddons Action Camera 25mm female Adapter plate is designed to allow action cameras to be attached to a wide range of 25mm ball adapters This adapter is ideal if you already own an Ultimateaddons 1″ (25mm) ball mounting attachment

  • Strong design
  • Easy install
  • Pivots into desired position on the ball design
  • Can be locked fixed

Mount your action camera to your bike / motorcycle with ease

Compatible with RAM, SW-MOTech , Cellularline , Interphone , GoPro , Hikvision & many more cameras.

Made by Ultimate Addons to extend a 25mm ball setup and link them together.

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UK Seller & Shipped By Royal Mail

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