Vase Fillers at 1Buy UK – Stones, Pebbles and Rocks

Here at 1Buy UK we sell a wide range of decorative vase fillers, now winter is drawing in and the days are getting cooler. We turn our attention into decorating the home and what great way than to add a splash of colour to a flower vase, fireplace or table centrepiece.

Our Decorative Stones and Decorative Pebbles are a great addition to any family.

They come in

  • A selection of sizes
  • A range of shapes
  • A variety of colours
  • Optional quantities


See our range of Wonderful Vase Fillers

New range of decorative coloured pebbles and stones now available

Our new range of decorative coloured pebbles and stones are now available, complete and available in a wide selection of colours. With such a large choice here at “1Buy UK” we now have the right selection of decorative pebbles suitable for your needs.

They pebbles can be used indoor and outdoor and are also suitable to be used as vase fillers , crafting , decorate around the home and more.



Off on a touring holiday? Our Hella din charging leads are just the thing!

Hella charging leads are just the thing you need when on a motorcycle tour!

Are you going on a motorbike touring holiday this summer or even winter? Own either a BMW GS , Ducati Multistrada ,Triumph Tiger or a similar adventure motorcycle with a DIN accessory socket? Then our new HELLA to Micro USB or HELLA to Apple Lightning charging leads are ideal.

Simply plug either of our Hella leads into your charging port fitted as standard to your bike and plug the cable into your iPhone / Samsung Galaxy or Sat Nav and away you go. Its as easy as that to charge your mobile devices on the go.


Hella Din to Micro USB Hella DIN to iPhone iPod and iPad Hella DIN to iPhone iPod and iPad

Compatible with:

iPhone 5 / 6 / 6s /  7 and plus versions

iPad / iPod

Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 / S7 with edge models

Also work with Sat Navs that support and have the micro USB connection. See our full range of Ultimate Addons products

5 Steps How to make a garden Shed Tool Rack with Hooks

A simple guide on how to make a garden shed tool rack with hanging hooks.

Items required

  • 2″ by 1″ piece of wood at a length of 1 wall of your shed
  • crosshead screwdriver
  • wood screws
  • shed tool hooks

Firstly screw the 2″ by 1″ piece of wood to the wall of your shed, here is a photo of how I done mine. The wood anchors with the screws into the downright shed panels making a strong baton across the side of the shed.

Next use the pack of hooks supplied by 1Buy

Take the new tool hooks and screws from the delivered pack and simply place the hook up to the wood in a position you would like to hang your tools. I spaced mine quite close together as the tools were fairly large in size. Here is a photo below of the tool hooks in place with tools hanging on them in my garden shed.

This is one way how to make a shed look nice and tidy.



Decorative Stones at 1Buy

Decorative Stones

The 1buy decorative stones we sell can be used for a variety of different uses. One of the most popular ones is decoration for vases and the top of plant pots.

Decorative Stones for Vases

Our range of stones are suitable for vases, especially when the winter months are drawing in… adding flowers around the home brings the lovely outdoors inside. Simply choose the perfect flower vase for the stones to sit into, purchase one or two bags of your favourite decorative stones and place them within the vase. You will have a stunning stone decoration centrepiece to your home. Shop Now

Wedding Table Stones

Our stones make the ideal centrepiece for weddings and functions. In particular our coloured range of decoration stones, these are a available in various colours / sizes and look simply great.


We only sell 5 styles of decorative pebbles as sometimes too much choice makes it difficult to decide which ones to buy.

Our pebble range includes…

  • black stones
  • white stones
  • small natural stones
  • beige stones
  • large natural stones

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Black Decorative Stones White Decorative Stones  Small Natural Decorative Stones  Beige Sand Decorative Stones  Large Natural Decorative Stones


Plant Pot Decoration Stones

Decorative plant pot stones, simply place on top of the soil once you have planted your plants to create a warm decorative feel.

Garden Shed Hooks for Tools at 1Buy

Our 1Buy garden shed hooks are ideal for hanging and storing tools within your garden shed. They are suitable for many types of tools such as rakes, forks, spades, trowels, grass rakes and more. Our hooks are suitable for both D shaped handle tools and T shape handle tools.

Often known as

  • Tool hooks
  • Shed hooks
  • U hooks

They are available  in a choice of pack sizes 10 or 20 although more can be purchased in bulk if needed.

Our tool hooks can also be used for handing a wide range of garden tools. Simply screw the supplied screws into your shed, ideally a wooden baton and fix the garden shed hooks.


View our complete range of garden tools storage hooks