Decorative Stones sold here at 1Buy

Decorative Stones sold here at 1Buy

Decorative Stones

The 1buy decorative stones we sell can be used for a variety of different uses. One of the most popular ones is decoration for vases and the top of plant pots.

Decorative Stones for Vases

Our range of stones are suitable for vases, especially when the winter months are drawing in… adding flowers around the home brings the lovely outdoors inside. Simply choose the perfect flower vase for the stones to sit into, purchase one or two bags of your favourite decorative stones and place them within the vase. You will have a stunning stone decoration centrepiece to your home. Shop Now

Wedding Table Stones

Our stones make the ideal centrepiece for weddings and functions. In particular our coloured range of decoration stones, these are a available in various colours / sizes and look simply great.


We only sell 5 styles of decorative pebbles as sometimes too much choice makes it difficult to decide which ones to buy.

Our pebble range includes…

  • black stones
  • white stones
  • small natural stones
  • beige stones
  • large natural stones

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Black Decorative Stones White Decorative Stones  Small Natural Decorative Stones  Beige Sand Decorative Stones  Large Natural Decorative Stones



Plant Pot Decoration Stones

Decorative plant pot stones, simply place on top of the soil once you have planted your plants to create a warm decorative feel.

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